Chilli’s Craig Dean discusses the importance of Firmware updates

Chilli’s Craig Dean discusses the importance of Firmware updates

We recently received an alert from IBM regarding a firmware issue which affected the IBM Storwize V3700, V5000, V5100 and V7000 models. During a disk rebuild, a multi-national company had lost access to their system due to their level of firmware. This of course, can lead to major issues for a business.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes, IBM identify issues in the current level of firmware. In order to address these problems, they release updated versions. This is when alerts are sent out.

What are the potential risks of outdated firmware?

As in this case, loss of access is always a possibility, but it can also lead to a data breach. Failing to upgrade your firmware (where required) can expose companies to major security risks.

What happens when you receive an alert?

When we receive an alert from IBM detailing the affected firmware, we check our customer database to see which companies it will impact. We then advise those customers to upgrade and highlight the potential risks of ignoring this advice.

How long does an upgrade take?
Usually, a firmware upgrade will take approximately 2 hours with zero downtime. Although, it can also be done on a live system during the company’s quieter periods.