The Importance of Firmware Updates

There’s more to patching your iSeries than PTFs

Failing to upgrade firmware can expose companies to major security risks

Performing regular firmware updates on your systems can protect your business from known security issues and can reduce the risk of unexpected downtime. Reported instances of system downtime are becoming a frequent occurrence within the media these days, typically these are multi-hour sometimes day long losses of capability. 

Firmware updates often include new functionality and can deliver performance improvements. If you leave the firmware at an old level, a problem might come to the surface at a time when you are least ready for it. Taking a proactive approach to adapter and device firmware means you can protect your systems from such problems.

Organisations perform regular scheduled updates for their x86 environment and often neglect their IBM POWER environment. Is now the time to implement a firmware policy for your IBM POWER and Storage environment?

Potential Issues
Data breach or malware infection
Exposure to major security risks
System bugs are not fixed
No access to new features
Loss of access to system
Incompatible software
Performance issues
We Manage
IBM Power Systems
SAN Switch
IBM Storwize Systems
IBM Tape Libraries
Hardware Management Console

How our Managed Services can help

At Chilli, we offer fixed price contracts to update and maintain your systems. This provides you with the peace of mind that the cost is budgeted throughout the year.

The majority of firmware updates can be performed concurrently without downtime. Occasionally the vendor does recommend downtime installations for certain updates. In this instance  we plan and arrange a date and time that is convenient to you.

Ensuring that your operating system is up to date is another, simple way of tightening your businesses security. Running unsupported versions of IBM i means you cannot access the latest security patches (PTFS), leaving you vulnerable to a data breach. Organisations below IBM i 7.1 are exposed to security risks and we advise clients to upgrade to IBM i 7.5 to benefit from improved security features available with the latest version of the operating system.

Firmware updates without the downtime

At Chilli, we can perform updates with zero downtime ensuring your business runs as normal. Our Managed Services for Firmware saves you time and provides peace of mind that your systems are up to date. David Spurway, IBM’s Power Systems Chief Technology Evangelist, discusses how the process works.

Article: Firmware Updates

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