IBM FlashSystem Family

IBM FlashSystem 7300

IBM FlashSystem 7300 provides the foundation for implementing a cost-efficient storage infrastructure that also delivers extraordinary functionality and performance. It features support for NVMe over Fabrics for the highest end-to-end storage performance. The solutions utilize IBM FlashCore-enhanced storage media that provides extraordinary flash density and storage capacity while achieving latency as low as 70 microseconds. Purpose engineered FlashCore Modules (FCM) utilize powerful inline, hardware-accelerated compression technology that provides consistent data compression without performance impact across the full range of workloads. The FCMs are designed to support FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager centralized key management and full hot-swap capabilities.

The IBM Spectrum Virtualize functionality in IBM FlashSystem 7300 complements server virtualization technologies such as PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Kubernetes, and Docker. Similar to provisioning virtualized servers, provisioning capacity with IBM FlashSystem 7300 is designed to become an almost entirely automated function.

IBM FlashSystem 7300 also extends data services to more than 500 heterogeneous storage systems. When virtualized, data in an external storage system becomes part of the IBM FlashSystem solution and can be managed in the same way as internal drives. External systems inherit all the IBM Spectrum Virtualize functional richness and ease-of-use features, including advanced replication, high-performance thin provisioning, encryption, compression, deduplication, and IBM Easy Tier that improve administrator productivity and boost storage utilization while also enhancing and extending the value of existing storage investments. Learn about the IBM Virtualize software features below.

IBM FlashSystem 7300

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Animation shown is the slightly older FlashSystem 7200

IBM FlashSystem Storage

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From as little as £600 per TB

The IBM FlashSystem family is the perfect solution for organisations with demanding application workloads and constrained IT budgets. This solution provides you with the performance needed to manage and store some of the most business-critical environments on the planet.