NEW: IBM FlashCore Module 4

AI-powered Ransomware Detection

FCM4’s AI-powered security checks operate on a 24/7 basis and can detect a threat within 1 minute without impacting performance. And with Chilli’s CopyAssure solution you can recover a verified copy in just 20 minutes.

IBM FlashCore Module 4 (FCM4)

What does it do?

24 Hour
Security Checks

FCM4 automatically scans for threats powered by Shannon Entropy AI

1 Minute
Threat Detection

Detects attacks in less than 1 minute Without affecting perfomance

20 Minute

With Chilli's CopyAssure solution you can recover a verified copy in 20 minutes

The Benefits

What you can expect

FCM4 introduces a high-speed hardware feature called Ransomware Threat Detection. It monitors every incoming I/O and detects anomalous behaviour within seconds. If anomalous behaviour is detected, an alert is immediately sent to IBM Storage Insights Pro, which can trigger actions such as automatically taking safeguarded copies of critical workloads.

FCM4 supports up to 3-to-1 data compression, further optimizing storage capacity and reducing costs. This data reduction capability is dependent on the type of data being stored.

FCM4 is based on PCIe Gen4, which provides faster data transfer rates and improved performance compared to the previous generation.

FCM4 continues to deliver low latency and high performance, allowing for faster data access and improved application responsiveness. ​

FCM4 offers the same physical capacity options as previous FCM generations (4.8TB, 9.6TB, 19.2TB, and 38.4TB). However, with built-in hardware compression, the effective capacity can be significantly higher, potentially reaching up to 115TB of effective capacity without impacting performance.

FCM4 maintains the enhanced flash endurance and reliability features of previous FCM generations. ​ These include wear levelling, health management, error detection and correction, and data write protection.

FCM4 continues to utilize Variable Stripe RAID (VSR) technology, which provides intra-module RAID striping within each flash module. ​ VSR helps reduce downtime and maintain performance and capacity during partial or full flash chip failures. ​

FCM4 is fully supported by IBM Storage Virtualize software, which provides advanced flash management and optimization features. ​

FCM4 includes hardware-accelerated AES-XTS 256 encryption for data-at-rest security. ​ It also supports secure drive erasure processes to ensure data is securely deleted when a drive is decommissioned or removed from the system. ​

FCM4 is designed to support future advancements in flash technology and can be integrated into future IBM FlashSystem products.

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