Safeguarded Copy and Copy Assure

Cyber security threats are growing each year, with criminals adopting increasingly sophisticated techniques to exploit businesses like yours. Copy Assure is an enhancement of Safeguarded Copy which significantly reduces the devastating effects of a cyberattack.


Percentage of attacks exploiting phishing for initial access

IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022

Why choose Safeguarded Copy for IBM i?

Organisations affected by a breach run the risk of having their normal business operations disrupted, as well as losing valuable data, customers and reputation within their industry. Over the last decades, most companies have concentrated on developing and implementing high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions to protect their enterprise data against hardware and software failures or data centre outages. However, these measures may no longer be enough protection against cyberattacks.

Additionally, whilst you might consider your IBM i environment an unlikely target for hackers or ransomware you should not underestimate the threat a compromised Windows Client presents.

Safeguarded Copy provides secure, point-in time copies of production data that can later be used for identification, repair or replacement of data that has been compromised by either cyber or internal attack, or corrupted by system failures or human error.

At Chilli, we have created a solution to significantly minimise the impact of a cyberattack. We are offering practical advice on how you can protect your data from malicious attacks.

We have created a quick video demonstrating how easy it can be to fall victim to a cyberattack, and how our solution minimises the effect on your business. Watch the demo below or book a private session to learn how you can protect your company with IBM i Safeguarded Copy.

Top 3 Cyber Security Threats


Ransomware is a type of malware that locks down files, data or systems, and threatens to erase or destroy the data. Cybercriminals then threaten to release the private or sensitive data to the public unless a ransom is paid.


Phishing scams trick users into providing their personal information via an email or text. These messages appear to be from a legitimate company where they ask for sensitive information, such as credit card data or login information.

Insider Threat

Anyone who has had access to systems or networks in the past (including employees) can be considered an insider threat. These individuals can leak confidential company data for personal gain or to inflict damage and disruption.

How Safeguarded Copy Works

Access and Setup

The new Safeguarded Copy solution is available with IBM Spectrum Virtualize 8.4.2 software on the IBM FlashSystem family and SAN Volume Controller storage systems. In addition to IBM Spectrum Virtualize 8.4.2, the IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) is a requirement. The CSM provides configuration, management, and monitoring of Safeguarded Copy volumes. The CSM setup is made simple via a .exe on a Windows Server or a Linux deployment option. To connect IBM Spectrum Virtualize and the CSM, the storage administrator must add the CSM IP address as a target within the Spectrum Virtualize GUI. Overall, making the connectivity between both systems quick and easy. Following the requirements and initial configuration, IBM Safeguarded Copy is ready to use.

FlashCopy Snapshots

Safeguarded Copy leverages the IBM Spectrum Virtualize feature, FlashCopy. Via the Copy Services Manager, a backup policy schedule manages periodic FlashCopy snapshots. These are FlashCopy snapshots with a spin – they are immutable. A Safeguarded Copy backup secures data to prevent it from being compromised, either accidentally or deliberately. A backup volume cannot be mounted to a target host and it cannot be deleted without the correct access permissions. To restore or recover from the backup volume an additional volume copy is created with a new UID. This keeps the backup volume untouched and secure.

Local Immutable Backups

A Safeguarded Copy backup is created and stored on the IBM FlashSystem. Due to the backup locality on the FlashSystem, a quick RTO/RPO timescale can be achieved when critically restoring or recovering volumes. Leveraging the FlashCopy functionality means immutable backups do not need to be sent offsite or to cold storage.


Increase in the number of incidents caused by vulnerability exploitations from 2020 to 2021

Recovery Stage Standard Copy Assure
Immutable Copy
Copy Services Manager
System OS Recovery
Data Integrity
Application Validation

How Copy Assure Works

Copy Assure is a service that leverages the IBM Spectrum Virtualize feature, FlashCopy. Via the Copy Services Manager, a backup policy schedule manages periodic FlashCopy snapshots which are immutable. This secures the data to prevent it from being compromised. 

Copy Assure automates the process of validating this copy allowing tests to confirm the data is good and that the copy could be used to revert in the eventuality of a ransomware attack. It also provides for additional services to assist your IT department should an attack be found.

Watch: IBM Q&A

Chilli’s Technical Director Stan Wilkins and Technical Consultant Jack Wilkins discuss the importance of protecting your data with IBM i Safeguarded Copy.

IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022 Report

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