IBM i High Availability

IBM i High Availability – A simple, cost effective way of maximising system availability.

IBM i High Availability

IBM High Availability

Our IBM i High Availability as a Service solution provides you with a remote high availability management service using either MIMIX or hardware-based replication. Chilli IT will manage the high availability replication between your production system and a remote server.

Our solution will continually monitor all elements of your system and advise on status. Every host, server and network are monitored continually on a 24/7 basis. The status screen is made available for you to monitor in-house or, if you prefer, we can monitor it on your behalf and alert you at predetermined thresholds.

The monitors will not only predict if a problem has occurred but also if and when future problems may occur. Importantly, this solution is available for all organisations regardless of who owns the infrastructure or where it is located.

Our High Availability service includes the following:

•  Monitoring of both the target and live machines.

•  Facilitating a data integrity test twice yearly.

•  Monthly reporting of key performance indicators.

•  Service reviews based on customers desired frequency.

•  HA product PTF management.

•  Facilitation of role switch in invocation request.

How we deliver our High Availability solution

Chill IT provide a High Availability service using either MIMIX or hardware based replication. Chilli IT will provide management of the high availability replication  between your production system and a remote server. Our High Availability solution is essential for organisations that need to prevent unscheduled downtime from interfering with their business critical applications and processes.

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