IBM FlashSystem Family

IBM FlashSystem 9500

IBM FlashSystem 9500 provides petabytes of effective data storage in a very efficient two-rackunit chassis. It utilizes IBM FlashCore technology packaged into a 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) form factor and using an NVMe interface. These FlashCore Modules (FCMs) deliver powerful inline, hardware-accelerated compression technology without performance impact, consistent microsecond latency and extreme reliability.

The IBM FlashCore technology has enabled very high flash density and storage capacity which has been further increased with a new 38.4TB module. In addition, the FCMs have full hot-swap capabilities and support FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager centralized key management.

IBM FlashSystem expands its support of the NVMe fast-access protocol with NVMe-over Fabrics to compatible hosts for complete end-to-end NVMe support. Combined with the existing NVMe capabilities of the systems, they can achieve latency as low as 70 microseconds to accelerate application performance and business productivity5.

IBM FlashSystem 9500

Product Animation

Animation shown is the slightly older FlashSystem 9200

IBM FlashSystem Storage

Superior Performance

From as little as £600 per TB

The IBM FlashSystem family is the perfect solution for organisations with demanding application workloads and constrained IT budgets. This solution provides you with the performance needed to manage and store some of the most business-critical environments on the planet.