IBM FlashSystem Storage

From As Little as £600 per TB

The IBM FlashSystem family is the perfect solution for organisations with demanding application workloads and constrained IT budgets. This solution provides you with the performance needed to manage and store some of the most business-critical environments on the planet. 

IBM FlashSystem 5200


Chilli IT believe that the FlashSystem FS5200 is a unique blend of incredible performance and affordability. The FlashSystem 5200 is one of the most competitive storage products that IBM has released in recent history and stacks up well against commodity SSD systems available from the competition. Below is an overview of how the IBM FlashSystem 5200 achieves this.


The IBM FS5200 has a 1U footprint, supporting end to end Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) flash storage and increasing performance and flexibility with IBM FlashCore Modules (FCM). Not all flash is created equal so why compromise with commodity SSDs? The IBM Flash Portfolio (representing approx. 380 patents) help deliver the best performance and longevity of any flash system in the marketplace today. So much so that no IBM FlashCore module in the world has failed to date. IBM can also guarantee 2:1 compression with zero performance impact and the lowest ever entry level pricing for IBM FlashCore Modules. 


Abilities FCM SSD
Built-in Encryption
Built-in Compression
Health Binning
Heat Segregation
Variable Voltage
Variable Stripe RAID
70 Microseconds Latency

IBM FlashSystem Pricing

The economics of Flash have changed considerably in recent years. In the past companies typically purchased disk storage and occasionally used SSDs for demanding workloads. This no longer needs to be the case.  As the example configurations below show, All FlashSystems can be purchased from as little as a few hundred pounds per TB.

FS5200 FCM 24TB

  • 256GB Cache
  • DRAID6 12TB Usable
  • DRAID6 24TB Effective
  • Penalty Free Compression

FS5200 FCM 80TB

  • 256GB Cache
  • DRAID6 40TB Usable
  • DRAID6 80TB Effective
  • Penalty Free Compression

FS5200 FCM 160TB

  • 256GB Cache
  • DRAID6 80TB Usable
  • DRAID6 160TB Effective
  • Penalty Free Compression

IBM FlashSystems

IBM Flash Storage Pricing

IBM FlashSystem 5035

IBM launched the IBM FlashSystem 5035 as a highly flexible, easy to use, virtualized storage solution designed for organisations looking for a cost-effective way of storing and managing growing volumes of data.  The IBM FlashSystem 5035 provides greater functionality than the 5015, including powerful encryption capabilities to secure your data.

In addition, the IBM FlashSystem 5035 model, allows you to create data reduction pools to help improve the efficiency of your storage. When applied to new or existing storage, they can significantly increase usable capacity while maintaining consistent application performance.

As a result you can extend the life of your existing storage assets and eliminate the need to purchase new storage assets. The capabilities include:

  • New compression technology that provides guaranteed consistent 2:1 or better reduction performance across a wide range of application workload patterns.
  • Block deduplication that works across all the storage in a data reduction pool to minimize the number of identical blocks

IBM FlashSystem 5200

IBM FlashSystem 5200 is designed for space constrained environments-entry-level enterprises, start-up companies, remote offices and network edge locations – providing everything you need to accelerate infrastructure modernisation in a small footprint. FlashSystem 5200 is built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software to deliver feature-rich, enterprise-grade and cost-effective data services. The system provides deduplication, innovative data reduction options with compression, and AI-driven tiering – all of which improves capacity an efficiency so you can store in less space without impacting performance.

IBM FlashSystem 7200

IBM FlashSystem 7200 provides the foundation for implementing a cost-efficient storage infrastructure that also delivers extraordinary functionality and performance. It features support for NVMe over Fabrics for the highest end-to-end storage performance. The solutions utilize IBM FlashCore-enhanced storage media that provides extraordinary flash density and storage capacity while achieving latency as low as 70 microseconds. Purpose engineered FlashCore Modules (FCM) utilize powerful inline, hardware-accelerated compression technology that provides consistent data compression without performance impact across the full range of workloads. The FCMs are designed to support FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager centralized key management and full hot-swap capabilities.

The IBM Spectrum Virtualize functionality in IBM FlashSystem 7200 complements server virtualization technologies such as PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Kubernetes, and Docker. Similar to provisioning virtualized servers, provisioning capacity with IBM FlashSystem 7200 is designed to become an almost entirely automated function.

IBM FlashSystem 7200 also extends data services to more than 500 heterogeneous storage systems. When virtualized, data in an external storage system becomes part of the IBM FlashSystem solution and can be managed in the same way as internal drives. External systems inherit all the IBM Spectrum Virtualize functional richness and ease-of-use features, including advanced replication, high-performance thin provisioning, encryption, compression, deduplication, and IBM Easy Tier that improve administrator productivity and boost storage utilization while also enhancing and extending the value of existing storage investments. Learn about the IBM Virtualize software features below.

IBM FlashSystem 9200

IBM FlashSystem 9200 provides petabytes of effective data storage in a very efficient two-rackunit chassis. It utilizes IBM FlashCore technology packaged into a 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) form factor and using an NVMe interface. These FlashCore Modules (FCMs) deliver powerful inline, hardware-accelerated compression technology without performance impact, consistent microsecond latency and extreme reliability.

The IBM FlashCore technology has enabled very high flash density and storage capacity which has been further increased with a new 38.4TB module. In addition, the FCMs have full hot-swap capabilities and support FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager centralized key management.

IBM FlashSystem expands its support of the NVMe fast-access protocol with NVMe-over Fabrics to compatible hosts for complete end-to-end NVMe support. Combined with the existing NVMe capabilities of the systems, they can achieve latency as low as 70 microseconds to accelerate application performance and business productivity.

IBM Virtualize Software

All IBM FlashSystem solutions leverage the proven capabilities of IBM Spectrum Virtualize software-defined storage (SDS) for data and storage management.  IBM is the number-one SDS vendor in the industry.  IBM Spectrum Virtualize has been helping enterprises improve infrastructure flexibility and data economics for more than 15 years.  It offers an industry leading spectrum of features and functionality, including enhanced cloud functionality, comprehensive data reduction, and support for leading-edge container technologies that can provide enterprises with the capabilities they need to capture and keep competitive advantage across the full spectrum of modern business environments. 

IBM Spectrum Virtualize delivers a full range of sophisticated storage functionality, including: 

  • IBM HyperSwap for nondisruptive application and data mobility between data centres

  • Support for host-side virtualization solutions, including VMware virtual machines, Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM, among others

  • IBM Systems Data Sheet Support for hundreds of external, heterogeneous storage systems from a wide variety of vendors

  • Powerful DRP technology that includes deduplication, compression, and automated thin provisioning

  • IBM Easy Tier automated tiering functionality

  • Hardware-based or inline software encryption that can be extended across all managed systems

  • IBM FlashCopy and IBM Remote Mirror for local and remote three-site replication

  • Support for using cloud resources to complement on-premises storage

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