IBM Managed Service

Bridging the IBM i
and AIX skills gap

As skills for the IBM platform become increasingly scarce, organisations with limited or no IBM skills continue to struggle to find suitable technical support for their business-critical IBM infrastructure. Our Managed Service solution is a hassle free way of bringing IBM i, AIX and Linux technical skills into your business.

We manage your production system and High Availability between this and a remote server. Our team will alert you at predetermined thresholds and take corrective action if necessary. Our managed service is available to all organisations regardless of who owns the infrastructure or where it is based.

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Managed Services are a simple way of gaining access to a team of experienced team of IBM i and AIX experts. Our technical consultants have managed IBM i and AIX environments for over twenty years and few problems are new to them. Recruiting staff with IBM i and AIX skills is becoming increasingly difficult and there is a real skill shortage in the marketplace, a managed service can help you overcome this issue.

Peace of mind 

A Managed Service provider will manage the backup and replication of your environment on your behalf. This can be difficult to do consistently with a small in house team of consultants. DR tests are also performed yearly as part of our Managed Service offering giving you peace of mind. We can also help improve recovery point and time objectives as part of our take on process.

Improve focus and costs

For some companies the IBM i platform is not core to the business and management of the systems becomes time consuming and costly.

Our Managed Service can alleviate this issue by doing it on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what is core to your business. Additionally, it may save you money if you employ contractors on a regular basis.
  • Backup and Media Management
  • Liaison with support for media movement
  • Liaison with hardware engineering support
  • Fix for business as usual issues
  • Telephone and email advice
  • Weekly service call
  • PTF planning and preparation
  • Monthly performance reports
  • “How to” calls answered by our technical team
  • Agent-less System monitoring

Yes. Standard hours of service are 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday. Additional options are available including a 24×7 service.

We manage and monitor:

  • IBM i
  • AIX
  • VIOS
  • Storwize/FlashSystem
  • Hardware Management Console
  • IBM/Brocade SAN Switches
  • Linux

Yes. Our Procare service delivers an ‘always available’ system which eliminates the need for manual checks.

IBM Skills and Knowledge

Why choose Chilli

We are dedicated to the IBM POWER platform and continually invest in the latest technology for our proof of concept facility. Furthermore, we develop the skills needed to maintain your infrastructure at a time when many organisations are scaling down their investment in the platform.

We also understand that every IT infrastructure is different and each end user has specific requirements that have to be met. To help you achieve your aim, we can create bespoke alerts to help you monitor specific elements of your IT infrastructure.
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