Skytap Partnership

Tap into the Power of the cloud

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Skytap

Being a Skytap Cloud Solution Partner allows Chilli to support organisations as they extend their Cloud journey to include their POWER supported, mission critical, applications. Our experience in capacity planning migration and managing IBMi, AIX and Linux workloads makes this partnership a perfect fit for Chilli and, more importantly, our customers who are interested in exploring Cloud for POWER.

Skytap and Chilli IT can assist customers moving to the Cloud supporting both Azure and IBM Cloud environments.

Run IBM workloads on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud

The IBM POWER user base has been relatively slow in the adoption of Cloud compared to X86 environments. There are several reasons why this is the case including lack of technical skills needed to migrate IBM i workloads to the Cloud, limited number of IBM POWER cloud providers and regulatory issues associated with the Cloud.

Introducing Skytap, supports AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power Systems as well as x86 workloads. Skytap allows your to run business-critical applications and workloads natively without the need to re-code for cloud deployment. Skytap allows you to migrate and run your IBM Power workloads on Azure or the IBM Cloud in just a few hours.

Key Features

Move traditional x86 and IBM Power workloads into the cloud without having to replatform, rewrite, or refactor, creating a quicker path to migration.

Benefit from core cloud capabilities including capacity on demand, self-service provisioning, and high availability to make applications more broadly available, scalable, and resilient to unplanned downtime.

Improve development and test without disrupting production.

Skytap Azure Demo

Watch the Azure demo and see what Skytap can do for your company

Potential Use Cases

Run live IBM POWER workloads in the Cloud an benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the Cloud consumption model. Only pay for what you consume and power down your environment when it is not in use.

Seamlessly create development environments for your developers to test and develop applications in the cloud.

Improve availability by cost effectively backing up business critical data to a high availability environment hosted in the Cloud.

Why Choose Cloud?

Choose your Cloud

Choose from Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud and leverage their advanced capabilities for your traditional applications.

Run Power and x86 Natively

Skytap enables your existing Power and x86 applications to run in the cloud without refactoring.

Quick and Easy Migration

Replicate your entire data centre—from applications to networking configurations—in the cloud. Migration takes just hours.

Upgrade Applications with Cloud

Get cloud-based scalability and reliability with instant provisioning and automated backup and disaster recovery.

Find out more

Every good partnership starts with a good conversation. Let us know what you need help with and our team will be in touch.