IBM i Vulnerability Audit

How secure is your IBM i?

IBM i is known to be very robust when it comes to security. However, what many users do not realise is that this does not come as standard - YOU have to make it secure. There are many preventative measures you can take to safeguard your cybersecurity levels.

Find out how your organisation stacks up


Is all your IBM i traffic encrypted?


Is all your IBM i data exposed to people on the network?


Is IBM i security auditing turned on and regularly reviewed?


Are your IBM i backups encrypted?


Are your IBM i security settings in line with IBM’s recommended best practice?

Ransomware Recovery for IBM i

Protect and Recover your Data with CopyAssure

Cybersecurity threats are growing each year, with criminals adopting increasingly sophisticated techniques to exploit businesses like yours. Our CopyAssure solution is an enhancement of Safeguarded Copy which significantly reduces the devastating effects of a cyberattack and can recover a verified backup in as little as 20 minutes.
The Benefits

Why Choose CopyAssure

20 Minute
Backup Recovery

CopyAssure provides you with a backup in just 20 minutes - so you can carry on as usual

Immutable Snapshots

CopyAssure validates your immutable snapshots ensuring they're not corrupted


CopyAssure automates the process of validating snapshots and confirms the data is good

Ransomware Awareness for Business Leaders

for CEOs

As cyberattacks have become one of the most serious threats to an organisation, it’s increasingly important that business leaders are at the forefront of the solution.
IBM Security Report 2023

Cost of a Data Breach

Security Investment Increase

Increase security investments as a result of a breach

Breaches Involving Cloud Data

Share of breaches that involved data stored in cloud environments

Source: IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

IBM Security Report 2023

Security Threat Index

Phishing Attacks

Percentage of attacks exploiting phishing for initial access

Hijacking Attempts

Increase in the number of thread hijacking attempts per month

Source: IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023

Intelligent Cybersecurity Solutions

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