Procare Technical Services

A simple, cost effective way to bringing IBM i, AIX and Linux skills into your business

The Key Benefits

Meets Skill Demand

Chilli IT remain dedicated to the IBM platform and continually invest in the latest technologies
and skills.

Bespoke Monitoring 

We create bespoke alerts that monitor the elements of your IBM infrastructure that are important to your business.

Peace of Mind

Procare provides direct access to skilled technicians and an immediate response for all technical support calls.

Cost effective IBM technical support

Procare is a points-based technical support contract for IBM POWER and Storage users. Our solution uses over 60 monitors, identifying and alerting you to any issues associated with your system’s operation and integrity. Points can then be converted into call time with our technical support team, who can provide advice and immediate support.

Our technical support contract is ideal for organisations that require support for their IBM infrastructure, freeing up time and resources to implement IT initiatives that drive business growth. In addition, Procare is an affordable way of gaining access to specialised skills for those organisations require additional operational support for their IBM infrastructure. 

What are the benefits of Procare?

Procare is a cost effective technical support offering for your IBM environment. From as little as £72 per week we can provide cover for staff holidays, retirement or sick leave.
  • Access to a team of experienced consultants
  • Cost effective accessing IBM skills
  • Around the clock monitoring of your system health
  • No hidden charges or clauses
  • What if my hardware is past the end of support?

    If you are running business critical workloads on IBM POWER servers that are now past their end of support date or have relatively new hardware that is no longer covered by an IBM warranty we can help. Although not part of our standard Procare offering, we can provide you with best endeavours service based on your requirements.

    If you would like to know the end of support dates for IBM POWER servers click here

    What hardware do you support?

    Chilli IT are highly experienced in monitoring any environment using the following operating systems and hardware:

    IBM i / AIX / VIOS

    Storwize V3700 / V5000 / V7000

    IBM FlashSystem V9000

    Hardware Management Console (HMC)

    Why choose Chilli?

    Chilli IT remain dedicated to the IBM POWER platform and continually invest in the latest technology for our proof of concept facility. Furthermore, we develop the skills needed to maintain your infrastructure at a time when many organisations are scaling down their investment in the platform.

    We also understand that every IT infrastructure is different and each end user has specific requirements that have to be met. To help you achieve your aim,  Chilli IT can create bespoke alerts for you and your business to help you monitor specific elements of your IT infrastructure that you feel are important.

    Call us today on 0300 124 0992 to discuss Procare with one of our experienced account managers.

    Find out how Procare can help

    Every good partnership starts with a good conversation. Let us know what you need help with and our team will be in touch.