Managed Services


Now more than ever, business critical applications need to be available around the clock, with no single point of failure. Every business, regardless of size, must be prepared to keep its systems running during adverse conditions such as application or middleware failures, power outages and weather events. Fortunately, the challenge of delivering continuous levels of availability is one which is achievable regardless of organisation size.

Chilli IT will  monitor all elements of your system and advise on status. Every host, server and network is monitored and managed on a 24/7 basis. Chilli IT will manage the high availability replication between your production system and a remote server. Our technicians will alert you at predetermined thresholds and take corrective action if necessary. Our service is available to all organisations regardless of who owns the infrastructure or where it is based.

Common candidates for Managed Services include:      

•     Organisations that no longer have IBM i skills to look after their business critical infrastructure.
•     Organisations that would like to dedicate resources to core competencies and mission- critical processes.  
•     Need support in upgrading or relocating existing infrastructure and do not have the experience in place.
•     A merger or acquisition is altering operations and you would like to consolidate your infrastructure.

Why SCC partner with Chilli IT

Helping you make the right choice

Chilli IT provide infrastructure solutions and professional services to a wide range of corporate and SME companies. Our customers rely on us to deliver mission critical projects where their business goals are met by the services we provide. Chilli IT has extensive experience in IBM POWER systems, IBM i, AIX, Linux and Intel integration and have helped configure, implement, manage and support some of the most complex installations in Europe.

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