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Live IBM i Hacking Webinar

Do you store critical assets in your IBM i System and plan to rely on its security for a long time?

This webinar is tailored for you! Join us to learn how to enhance the security of your IBM i System infrastructure beyond compliance. Watch live how the Silent Signal Security Lab discovered 11 critical vulnerabilities (and still counting…) in IBM i.

What you will learn

If you’re a CISO

You’ll learn how to identify IBM i related risks and hardening opportunities

If you’re a CIO

You’ll learn how to assure business continuity in the face of threats targeting midrange

If you’re a Techie

You’ll learn how to spot long-time-forgotten (potentially harmful) default settings and defend the system against lesser-known attack methods

We help you bridge the gap between security and IBM i teams by establishing a common ground that offers both teams unprecedented visibility into security and compliance data.

Additionally, if Operational Resilience is your remit, we will guide you through the necessary steps you should take to protect and recover.

Don’t miss out! We are hosting this live webinar, including a Q&A session, only once this year.

See you there,

Chilli IT and Silent Signal