Learn about the latest features and how IBM POWER9 compares to previous versions of IBM POWER.


Your next server infrastructure investment could determine the success of your business. Upgrade your IBM POWER system and gain a server with a cutting-edge design. A powerful POWER9 chip. All for an incredibly low price.

Key Business benefits of IBM POWER9

  • Eliminate your hardware and software maintenance costs if you are running out of warranty IBM POWER 6, 7 and 8 servers.
  • Significantly better performance with greater CPW per core and Nvidia GPUs. See how IBM POWER9 compares to IBM POWER8 in this blog.
  • Utilise cutting edge technology available in POWER9 and react quickly and cost-effectively to new and growing workloads and deliver a seamless end user experience. Reduce risks with the most reliable, proven and secure platform in the industry.

The future of the POWER.

IBM continues to make significant investments to support the platform and has recently announced the purchase of RedHat. This acquisition will strengthen the relationship between the two companies and will make the IBM platform a major open source player. 

IBM POWER9 hardware also underpins two of the most powerful known supercomputers in the world, proving that the technology behind the latest POWER models is some of the best performing on the market. 

Importantly, IBM has publicly released a IBM i roapmap that runs beyond 2031 and we are led to believe that newer versions of the server are already in the early stages of development. 

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Home Bargains IBM POWER Case Study

Discount retailer Home Bargains has its sights set on doubling its retail-store footprint in the UK. To sustain aggressive growth and maintain the razor-sharp efficiency that helps it keep prices low, the company is deploying IBM® Power® Systems S914 servers to support retail operations in every store, with help from IBM Business Partner Chilli IT.

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