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The Most Comprehensive Guide to IBM Power10

Designed over five years with hundreds of new and pending patents, the IBM Power10 processor is an important evolution in IBM’s roadmap for Power. The new IBM Power Systems, built around Power10, will be the most scalable, most performant, most secure building block for Cloud, while using ~ 3x less energy. 

In an exclusive video produced by Chilli IT, David Spurway, IBM Power Systems Architect in the UK has announced that the IBM Power E1080 will be available from the 17th of September 2021, with entry level Power servers expected to arrive in the first half of next year.

IBM announce the new IBM Power E1080

How does IBM Power10 compare to older Power models?

IBM Power10 is expected to deliver up to a 3x gain in processor energy efficiency per socket, increasing workload capacity in the same power envelope as IBM Power9. This anticipated improvement in capacity is designed to allow IBM Power10-based systems to support up to 3x increases in users and workloads.

  • The IBM Power E1080 delivers 1.5-1.6x more capacity than IBM Power E980.
  • 20-30% more performance per core vs. P9 (60-80% more than a IBM Power8).
  • Up to 25% more cores per socket
  • Get more for your SW investment with more throughput per core; repurpose licenses for growth applications).
  • Up to 50% more throughput in the same space/energy(or reduce space / energy).

IBM Power 10 and Persistent Security

IBM Power10 also provides new enhancements for securing consolidated workloads. The Power10 processor has the capability to scale with transparent memory encryption, which is designed to simplify and support end-to-end security without impacting performance.  Compared to IBM Power9, accelerated encryption performance is enabled by IBM Power10 having 4x the number of encryption engines per core, and translates into a 2.5x faster per core performance for AES encryption compared to the previous generation of IBM Power servers.

IBM offers security control solutions at every level of the system stack, from the foundational hardware like the processor and memory, to key software like the operating system, hypervisor, and applications. The E1080 uses IBM PowerVM as its built-in hypervisor, which has significantly fewer Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) than competitive hypervisors.

The future of IBM Power

IBM continues to make significant investments to support the platform and has recently announced the purchase of RedHat. This acquisition will strengthen the relationship between the two companies and will make the IBM platform a major open source player. 

IBM Power technology also underpins two of the most powerful known supercomputers in the world, proving that the technology behind the latest Power models is some of the best performing on the market. 

Importantly, IBM has publicly released roadmaps for both IBM i and AIX and we are led to believe that newer versions of the server are already in the early stages of development. 

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