IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a software tool developed by IBM that helps organizations manage and report on the usage of IBM software products to ensure compliance with IBM’s licensing requirements. ILMT is primarily designed to address licensing needs related to IBM software products running on virtualized environments, especially those using sub-capacity licensing. Here are some key aspects of ILMT:

License Compliance: ILMT assists organizations in monitoring and managing their IBM software usage to ensure compliance with IBM’s software licensing agreements. It helps organizations determine whether they are using IBM software within the terms of their licenses.

Virtualization and Sub-Capacity Licensing: ILMT is particularly useful for organizations that run IBM software in virtualized environments, as it helps calculate the sub-capacity licensing requirements. Sub-capacity licensing allows organizations to pay for IBM software based on the actual processor capacity used in virtualized environments, rather than the full physical capacity.

Data Collection and Reporting: ILMT collects and analyzes data about the hardware and software environment, including information about the number of processors, virtual machine configurations, and the usage of IBM software products. It then generates reports that can be used for compliance reporting and license management.

IBM Passport Advantage: Many organizations that have IBM software licenses through the IBM Passport Advantage program are required to use ILMT to report their software usage to IBM for licensing and compliance purposes.

Integration: ILMT can integrate with various virtualization platforms and management tools, such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, to gather the necessary data about the virtualized environment.

Automation: The tool can automate the collection and reporting of software usage data, which helps reduce manual effort and potential errors in compliance reporting.

Support for Various IBM Products: ILMT supports a wide range of IBM software products, making it suitable for organizations with diverse IBM software deployments.

It’s important to note that the use of ILMT may be mandatory for organizations with specific IBM software licenses, and failure to use it as required could result in compliance issues and potential financial penalties. The specific requirements and usage guidelines for ILMT may vary based on the terms of your organization’s IBM software licenses and agreements.

As software licensing terms and tools like ILMT can change over time, it’s essential to consult IBM’s official documentation and work with IBM or authorized IBM partners to ensure that your organization is in compliance with IBM’s licensing requirements and is using ILMT correctly.

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