Immutable Copies

An immutable is a copy of your data that cannot be changed. There are many protection tools available to defend your company from ransomware. However, you also need a recovery plan because you can’t guarantee those tools will protect your systems. Immutable copies are a new technology which are specifically designed to address this threat. Hackers will target your existing backups, but an immutable copy will provide rapid recovery in the event of an attack.


Speed of Recovery

Backups can often be compromised during an attack and are comparatively slower to recover (if used correctly). An immutable copy is far quicker than other technologies. Our CopyAssure solution can recover a verified immutable in as little as 20 minutes.



During the recovery process you will need to confirm that you can connect to your immutable copy, verify the data is clean and ensure your apps work as expected. However, this can be a time consuming exercise. CopyAssure tests and verifies whether the data is clean and safe to use.



If you accept that validation brings peace of mind about usability then automation becomes an essential part of your strategy. Without it you either end up with huge resource costs or skimp on the number of immutables you will take. CopyAssure automates the process eliminating the need to perform manual checks.



The worst time to come up with a plan is after the event. CopyAssure is the safety net which ensures your business recovers quickly in the event of an attack and will result in a detailed recovery plan available when you need it.