CopyAssure Explained in 5 Easy Steps

Ransomware Recovery for IBM i

Protect and Recover your Data with CopyAssure

Cybersecurity threats are growing each year, with criminals adopting increasingly sophisticated techniques to exploit businesses like yours. Our CopyAssure solution is an enhancement of Safeguarded Copy which significantly reduces the devastating effects of a cyberattack and can recover a verified backup in as little as 20 minutes.

Verified backups in just 20 minutes

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The Benefits

Why Choose CopyAssure

20 Minute
Backup Recovery

CopyAssure provides you with a backup in just 20 minutes - so you can carry on as usual

Immutable Copies

CopyAssure validates your immutable copies ensuring they're not corrupted


CopyAssure automates the process of validating copies and confirms the data is good

5 ways our solution protects and recovers your data

CopyAssure Explained

1. Immutable Copies

Immutable means unchangeable. In technology terms an immutable copy is a backup of your data that cannot be changed, hacked or corrupted. This ‘clean’ copy can be used in the event of a cyberattack.

2. Speed of Recovery

Recovering from a cyberattack can take hours,
days and in some cases months. Our CopyAssure solution can
recover a verified backup in as little as 20 minutes.

3. Validation

Restoring a backup of your data will get your business
up and running after an attack. However, you need to confirm
that the backup is not corrupted. CopyAssure tests and verifies
whether the data is clean and safe to use.

4. Automation

Verifying the validity of your backups can be costly
and time consuming. CopyAssure automates the process
eliminating the need to perform manual checks.

5. Planning

The worst time to come up with a plan is after the event.
CopyAssure is the safety net which ensures your business
recovers quickly in the event of an attack.


The Techie Explanation

Ransomware Recovery for IBM i

How does it work?

CopyAssure is a service that leverages the IBM Virtualize feature, FlashCopy. Via the Copy Services Manager, a backup policy schedule manages periodic FlashCopy snapshots which are immutable. This secures the data to prevent it from being compromised.

CopyAssure automates the process of validating this copy allowing tests to confirm the data is good and that the copy could be used to revert in the eventuality of a ransomware attack. It also provides for additional services to assist your IT department should an attack be found.


What does it do?