IBM Flash Storage

Remove bottlenecks and dramatically improve application performance.

A Flash of brilliance

IBM FlashSystem offers cutting-edge features including Real-time Compression, Easy Tier, and Thin Provisioning all at the speed of Flash. IBM FlashSystem  is designed for all applications and infrastructures. Furthermore, the IBM FlashSystem excels in supporting high-performance database applications, such as IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP and is an ideal solution to use if replacing infrastructures that are held back by slow disk drive.

Don't get left behind

IBM Flash storage provides your business with the speed and agility you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems. Chilli IT have recently delivered a 51% performance improvement in batch run times against an existing solid state hybrid solution. In this case our customer can now fill product orders and perform stock replenishment tasks significantly quicker than before.

Brand new features

The option to use IBM FlashCore modules (FCMs) with inline-hardware compression, data protection and innovative flash management features provided by IBM FlashCore technology, or industry-standard NVMe flash drives.

The software-defined storage functionality of IBM Spectrum Virtualize with a full range of industry-leading data services such as dynamic tiering, IBM FlashCopy management, data mobility and high-performance data encryption, among many others.

Innovative data-reduction pool (DRP) technology that includes deduplication and hardware-accelerated compression technology. Additionally, the IBM Flashsystem has SCSI UNMAP support and all the thin provisioning, copy management and efficiency you’d expect from storage based on IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

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