What our customers say about us

From global insurers to local retailers, we partner with organisations to help them make the right IT infrastructure choices for their business. Find out what our customers have to say about us.

“Our sales transactions systems already ran so quickly that the new IBM POWER9-based servers took response times of milliseconds and drove them down even further, But where we really notice a difference is when our employees run day-end processes like stock-taking. In that case, IBM Power Systems S914 servers reduced processing times from one hour 20 minutes to just five minutes.

Since we run them once stores are closed, it means that our staff can go home much sooner. They’re happier, and the risk of processes over-running and affecting the next day’s opening is smaller than ever.”

Frank Christiansen


“As we are this continuously running business, running logistics throughout the UK, one of the challenges we faced was downtime in order to back up our data.  We have a lot of data – over 7TB. We’re a highly transnational company, so we needed to minimise that. We couldn’t afford to have a 10-11 hour back routine that’s often required. So, we went to Chilli and said we need an answer. They came up with IBM FlashCopy which from a backup time (for a full system update) of 10-11 hours it went down to 10 minutes with absolute minimum disruption to the business. That was absolutely was critical for us.”

Richard Calder


“Chilli IT are great at putting together creative solutions that lower my costs. They have consistently provided Dewhirst group with a excellent service over many years and are the only supplier that I could never do without.”

Richard Theakston