IBM AIX Roadmap and Whitepaper (2021)

Download the roadmap below and learn about the future of AIX on IBM POWER

IBM has just announced the latest IBM AIX roadmap that shows that the AIX platform will be developed and supported until at least 2030. This is great news for the thousands of AIX users with business-critical applications and databases on AIX. Download the AIX roadmap and learn how IBM plans to support the platform and how they will ensure the platform is future proof by integrating AIX with AI and the cloud.

AIX Roadmap

AIX release roadmap

IBM continually develop the AIX platform and the latest version AIX 7.2 has a number of features including:

  •     Up to 1,536 threads are now enabled in a single LPAR for IBM POWER8 and IBM POWER9.
  •     Maximum memory has been extended from 16 TB to 32 TB to support very large applications.
  •     Flash caching. Workloads can take advantage of a read-only cache
  •     Dynamic System Optimizer (DSO) support has been added for POWER9. 
  •     DSO automatically tunes applications and processes in real-time for easy performance gains.

AIX support phases

Currently, three versions of AIX are supported by IBM. The supported versions that are in regular support are AIX 7.2 and AIX 7.1. There is one version that is under extended support which is AIX 6.1. Any users that would like to remain on AIX 6.1 would have to purchase a service extension in order to receive support from IBM for this version of AIX.

AIX 5.3 reached its end of life earlier this year. If you are on this version of AIX and would like to discuss the implications of remaining on an unsupported version of AIX please contact us at

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