IBM XIV still the best option for your business?

XIV storage was ideal for organisations that required a flexible, cost effective storage solution that provided high end performance. Over time the hardware and software maintenance costs of XIV storage have continued to climb as the systems age. The IBM storage landscape has changed in recent years and we believe we can help you drive down your TCO whilst retaining all of the performance benefits associated with XIV with the latest features available with IBM Storwize. If you would like a cost comparison or would like a proof of concept call 0845 862 3444 or email us at

Chilli IT add to growing managed services team

We are pleased to announce that Mark Brooks has joined the Managed Service team. Mark specialises in AIX, IBM i and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and has over 20 years experience having worked as a Technical Support Analyst for Denbighshire County Council and more recently Martin Dawes Systems.

This appointment reinforces our commitment to the IBM platform and adds to the number of AIX specialists within the business.

If you have any AIX, TSM or IBMi (iSeries) requirements feel free to contact us.

How to determine your High Availability requirements

Now more than ever, business critical processes and applications need to be available around the clock, with no single point of failure. Furthermore, all businesses, big and small, must be prepared to keep its systems performing during unplanned scenarios such as application issues, power outages or extreme weather events. As a result, businesses need to continually review HA and DR solutions to assess whether the business needs are still being met with their current solution.

In this article we advise you on the steps you will need to take in order evaluate what level of high availability cover is suitable for you business.

Have you Fallen for These Disaster Recovery Myths?

Despite the popularity of Disaster Recovery solutions in the marketplace in recent years there are still some long held views about the type of organisations that are suited to a DR solution. In this article we help you dispel some of the most common misconceptions about Disaster recovery.

IBM Announce End Of Support Date For IBM i 7.1

IBM has announced that support for IBM i 7.1 will be withdrawn from the 30th of April 2018. IBM has not yet announced if there will be an option for extended support so it is recommended for you to have a IBM i upgrade plan in place if you are on IBM i 7.1 or below.

Managed Service vs Cloud Computing - What's the difference?

There is often confusion surrounding Managed Service and Cloud Computing and where they differ in terms of features and business benefits. Below is a high level overview of the key differences between Managed Services and Cloud Computing to help you decide which would be best suited to your business.

How you can convince your CFO to fund an IT initiative

As pockets tighten and scepticism grows in many boardrooms across the country, the need to sharpen your internal selling skills is greater than ever. In this article we provide you with a few tips that will help you on your journey.