Legacy backup solutions that used to be very effective are becoming increasingly unsuitable for today's highly virtualized environments. Veeam is a backup and recovery solution designed to provide unparalleled performance in environments with private cloud or virtual workloads.

What is new in Veeam 9.5?

Veeam have announced Veeam 9.5, the latest version of its backup and recovery product. Veeam 9.5  provides lightning fast restores for any applications and data. Veeam has invested heavily for this release and it does not disappoint Let's take a look at the latest features introduced in Veeam 9.5.

The key announcement made so far is the ability to directly restore or migrate anything from on-premises to Microsoft Azure. This feature is expected to be available to users for the first time with Veeam 9.5. This feature will significantly improve restore times for Windows and Linux based VMs and physical servers for users who already  perform backups or restores using Microsoft Azure.

Struggling to meet increasingly strict RTO's and RPO'S?

Don't worry Veeam has got you covered! Veeam delivers on RTO's and RPO's of less than 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

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