IBM i 7.3 & 7.4 Technology Refresh

IBM will release IBM i 7.3 TR9 and IBM i 7.4 TR3 this year.

IBM recently announced the latest Technology Refresh details for IBM i 7.3 & IBM i 7.4. The links below provide a little more information on the updates available to us from early November.

First up we have the Common sponsored overview delivered by Steve Will, IBM i Chief Architect. Usually only available to members of the site (although still not behind a paywall) they have kindly allowed us a direct link to the presentation recording and downloadable material.

If you find this Common information useful then I would actively encourage you to register with Common. Within the Content Library there are some great resources providing free education and information relating to all aspects the OS. You may come across some that require paid membership but I think these are in the minority.

In addition to the above we have a couple of articles from Alex Woodie over at IT Jungle. The first provides a broad overview of enhancements to the core OS and the second drills down in to IBMi Services.

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