IBM FlashSystem

Whether you are considering a storage upgrade or are looking to make the most out of your existing storage we can help. IBM FlashSystem has a cost effective range of products suited to your needs.

Enterprise performance storage at incredibly low prices

The IBM FlashSystem family is the perfect solution for organisations with demanding application workloads and constrained IT budgets. This solution provides you with the performance needed to manage and store some of the most business-critical environments on the planet. 

IBM FlashSystem V5000

IBM launched the IBM FlashSystem V5000 as a highly flexible, easy to use, virtualized storage solution designed for organisations looking for a cost-effective way of storing and managing growing volumes of data. The new IBM V5030e and V5010e range of products are very competitive against non IBM storage products such as Fujitsu, HPE and Dell with the cost for an All Flash configuration costing as little as £600 per TB.

IBM FlashSystem V7000

The latest version of IBM FlashSystem V7000 has been designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind. This solution complements virtualized environments and is ideal for organisations that are looking for significantly improved efficiency and utilization that is cost effective.

IBM Virtualize Software

All IBM Storwize storage products are packed with some great features due to IBM Virtualize software, setting it apart from competitor products. Below is a summary of a few of the benefits you can expect.

IBM Real-time Compression – Improve data efficiency and free up disk space without the need to archive or remove your data. Estimated data saving across an IBM environment is expected to be around 40 and 70%.

IBM Flashcopy – Immediate point in time copies of your production data, allowing you to backup to tape offline without there being any impact to your live system. IBM Flashcopy also allows you to create copies of your data to develop on or to run performance tests.

IBM EasyTier – If you currently have an environment with a mixture of disk and SSDs or Flash Drives, IBM EasyTier can help! This piece of software intelligently monitors your workloads and performance and automatically assigns the best performing storage to the most demanding workloads.

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