IBM Storwize V5010E and V5030E

How the IBM Storwize V5000e family incredibly low price point has transformed the storage landscape.

Following on from the IBM V5000 launch in April we now have first hand experience of how this new IBM offering is being viewed by our customer base.  The following article should give you an idea if what this may mean to you (the official IBM text is in italics, skip below this for our view). 

“IBM Storwize V5010E and IBM Storwize V5030E are entry-level hybrid flash solutions designed to provide enterprise-grade functionalities without compromising affordability or performance. Built with the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize and AI-powered predictive storage management and proactive support of Storage Insights. Storwize V5000E helps make modern technologies such as artificial intelligence accessible to enterprises of all sizes”.

We have two entry Storwize systems designed for clients who need low-cost storage options but with key storage services. Storwize V5010E delivers double the max IOPS of the previous Storwize V5010. Systems will typically be sized around 9TB with the ability to scale up to 12PB as data continues to grow. Storwize V5010E is upgradable without disruption to a Storwize V5030E which delivers 20% better max IOPS than the previous Storwize V5030. Systems will typically be sized around 24TB with the ability to grow all the way to 23PB or even 32PB if a 2-way cluster is configured plus expansion trays are utilized. Both systems support hybrid configurations which means you can mix flash SSDs with hard drives. Storwize V5030E includes data reduction capability with software compression and dedupe that delivers capacity efficiency and can help reduce costs. It also includes software encryption adding a level of security to protect your data.

So, the above is just a taster of some of the IBM Marketing material that accompanied the V5000e launch back in April but what does this mean to our existing and potential customers?  Our experience is showing that the V5030e configurations are now a highly competitive offering in environments we previously could not compete in.  The lower cost entry point (potentially around £600 per TB for an all flash array, albeit based on specific configurations), and the removal of ongoing software licenses has resulted in a price point that is comparable to similar storage options from Equalogic, HPE and Fujitsu.  

These systems, which run Spectrum Virtualize, all come with Storage Insights which provides AI Predictive Analytics and Proactive Monitoring. This advanced software comes at no additional cost providing consistent uniform management across all enclosures with a single dashboard view for at-a-glance indications of anything that might be amiss.

If you previously looked at IBM Storage for your Intel estate but the costs just didn’t stack up then I would urge you to look again.  This is Enterprise Class Storage now made available for the SME with no compromise to affordability or performance.  

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