IBM i 7.2 End of Support 2021. The 5 P’s of Success.

IBM will be withdrawing technical support for IBM i 7.2 from the 30th of April 2021.  As IBM POWER CTO David Spurway has mentioned in the past, IBM tries to support no more than three versions of IBM i concurrently.  So, as shown in the IBM i roadmap below, we know that this withdrawal pre-empts the announcement of IBM i ‘next’ but what do we need to do with this information?  If we can all agree on the single fact that running on an unsupported Operating System represents a security vulnerability, then the answer is we must upgrade.  Do you have a migration plan in place? 

IBM i Roadmap

If you ever needed an example of where the ‘5 P’s for Success’ really works then try upgrading your OS without them. Actually, please don’t. What we may think is a straightforward process could go horribly wrong if left to chance. Whilst risking sounding like an overused cliché, this really is a case where Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Consider the following: –

  • Do I have valid Software Maintenance in place to support the upgrade?

  • Do all my third-party vendors support the new release?

  • Did I make any changes to IBM supplied commands?

  • Is my load source the correct size?

  • What happens if I cannot read the image catalog that contains my install media?

  • Is my regression plan realistic?

  • Which features within Licensed Programs are no longer available at the new release?

  • Does my hardware support the intended OS release?

    By no means the definitive list, these are just some areas to consider when planning the upgrade. Ideally you will want to test this upgrade within your Development or Sandpit environment before you press on with the production system. Far better to learn by your mistakes this way if you have the option.

    So how do we go about putting together our migration plan to ensure success? Thankfully, IBM offers guidance in the form of a collection of documents and links that will prompt you to consider all aspect of the upgrade. Consider this the gateway to your next ‘5P’s of Success OS Upgrade’. IBM Support – Upgrade Planning – 5P’s

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