IBM POWER9 S914 and S924

In this article we give you an overview of the new models and how they compare to IBM POWER8

A cutting edge design. Outstanding performance. All at a very attractive price point. The new IBM POWER9 servers give you the scalability you want and the performance you need to run your business critical workloads.

IBM has recently announced the launch of two new IBM POWER9 server models, the S914 and the S924. To help you with your IBM upgrade path we have decided to show you an illustrative example, comparing the CPW ratings of a IBM POWER S914 and a S814 server.

IBM POWER S914 vs S814

Entry level servers with enterprise level capabilities

IBM POWER S914This is the low cost entry level server for the IBM POWER9 line of servers. S914 is designed to run commercial, cognitive and database workload better than any other competitive Server Platform.

IBM POWER S924 – IBM Power System S924 is an entry-level, cloud-enabled-server designed to handle data-intensive, mission-critical workloads. This server is a fairly powerful server with a 2-socket server with up to 24 active cores.

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