IBM Firmware Updates - Where do you start?

Our current customer base will be no strangers to the IBM firmware message we have been communicating over the last 12 months.  Adopting an update strategy that keeps IBM firmware levels current and secure is something that should be everyone’s priority.  However, given the sheer volume of updates that are available within any given calendar month, where do you start?  With this in mind, we are looking at providing regular updates on alerts which we think should be our customers priorities.  We have subscribed to our favourite  notification feeds and consolidate the alerts into a Project Board on….  See below: –

IBM Firmware

This Project Board view then enables us to review and prioritise alerts periodically which will result in us circulating, what we believe, are the most important via the Chilli LinkedIn/Twitter profiles.  Our focus will most certainly be on issues that have the most impact in the first instance.  Using the screenshot above as an example, why would you wait for data loss when there is an alert available to help prevent this.  In all instances preventative rather than reactive maintenance must be the goal.

Will we catch every update?  Probably not, but at least there is somewhere you can refer to for a quick update if you have an issue to resolve or want to begin a process of preventative maintenance. We hope that over time we can refine and develop the process even further and would be open to any suggestions on how to improve upon the delivery of the information we are circulating.

Make sure you are following our social media account on LinkedIn to see these updates when they are first posted.  Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss any areas of concern you have.

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