Managed Service


Technical Support

Procare is a points based technical support offering which provides you with direct access to a team of experienced IBM i consultants. Ideal for organisations who have skill shortages caused by employee turnover, holiday leave or retirement.

High Availability

Chill IT provide a high availability service using either MIMIX or hardware based replication. Chilli IT will manage the high availability replication between your production system and a remote server. Essential for organisations that need to prevent downtime from interfering with their critical applications and processes.

Managed Services

Chilli IT can provide a full managed service for a wide range of organisations. This solution is well suited to organisations that would like to dedicate resources to core competencies and mission- critical processes or who no longer have IBM i skills to look after their business critical infrastructure.













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Chilli IT provide technical support and managed services for companies across all industry sectors, from some of the largest financial services organisations in the UK to the retail giants you shop in, they all place their trust in Chilli IT to manage and support their business critical infrastructure. If you would like to make an enquiry call 0845 862 3444 or email us at