A Flash of brilliance

IBM FlashSystem V9000 offers cutting edge features including Real-time Compression, Easy Tier, and Thin Provisioning all at the speed of Flash. IBM FlashSystem V9000 is designed for all applications and infrastructures. However, IBM FlashSystem excels in supporting high-performance database applications, such as IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP and is an ideal solution to use if replacing infrastructures that are held back by slow disk drives.

Don't get left behind

IBM Flash storage provides your business with the speed and agility you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems. Chilli IT have recently delivered a 51% performance improvement in batch run times against an existing solid state hybrid solution, giving our customer a clear competitive advantage.

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Helping you make the right choice

Every solution proposed by Chilli IT is backed by solid technical evidence and input from our technical services team, ensuring that you will have total confidence in any solution proposed by Chilli IT. The reason why we provide customers with solutions backed by strong technical evidence and guidance is simple; To help you make the right choice. All jobs that are undertaken at Chilli IT are completed by our own team of professionals, resulting in an optimum level of service control.

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