MIMIX Availability

MIMIX Availability – Eliminate unplanned downtime from your business.

Maximise system availability

Designed for organisations running critical workloads on IBM i. MIMIX is ideal for the most demanding organisations where downtime is simply not an option. This solution protects you by virtually eliminating planned and unplanned downtime by replicating your critical data and applications in real time.

Key features

  • The mobile-friendly dashboard gives you a consolidated view of all key metrics.
  • New key metric view for RTO and RPO analysis.
  • Multi-threading boosts replication performance, scalability and efficiency.
  • Support for row and column access control (RCAC).

Chilli IT has over 10 years of experience in implementing and managing MIMIX environments for some of the largest organisations in the UK. We are ideally placed to advise you on high availability, backup and recovery for your IBM environment.

The Best Software based availability solution for IBM i

How does it work?

This solution transparently replicates changed data in real time from a production server to one or more recovery servers located in the same room, across the globe or in the cloud using remote journaling. The software continuously audits the recovery server and automatically heals any out of sync data. Built-in automated procedures make it easy to switch operations to the recovery server, and later switch back, eliminating downtime due to unplanned outages or planned maintenance.

How does it compare?

In a recent article Chilli IT compared the three most popular software based replication solutions for IBM i. If you would like a full breakdown of the software based availability and replication solutions for IBM i click here

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