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Ransomware Recovery Solutions

What do you do when you are the victim of a ransomware attack? We explain how to prevent complete corruption

Safeguarded Copy Demo

We have created a quick video demonstrating how easy it can be to fall victim to a cyberattack.

IBM 7.5 Now Available

IBM have announced IBM i version 7.5, which is the first new release of the operating system in three years.

IT Jungle Firmware Article

Our Managing Director, Richard Warren spoke to IT Jungle to explain that there's more to patching your iSeries than PTFs.

Protect Data with Immutable Copies

Our Technical Director, Stan Wilkins spoke to IT Jungle about Chilli's solution to the increasing amount of security issues.

IBM Firmware Alerts

Chilli's Craig Dean, Technical Engineer highlights the risks of outdated firmware and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Easy To Expand An IBM DRAID Set?

Steve Horobin discusses how IBM DRAID Expansion gives you the ability for you to dynamically add one or more drives and increase the component count of an existing in use DRAID array.

IBM Announce IBM Power10

David Spurway, IBM Power Systems Architect in the UK announces that the IBM Power E1080 will be available from the 17th of September 2021, with entry level Power servers expected to arrive in the first half of next year.

SAN Switch Performance

Wondering how best to monitor SAN Swiches and Fabric? We think these free products from IBM and Brocade will help you do exactly this and more.

IBM Passport Advantage

A comprehensive guide to IBM Passport Advantage from our in house licensing expert Gaynor Brown.

amatis Partnership

IBM Business Partner Chilli IT Partners with MSP amatis Networks

VIOS Backup Advice

We discuss the importance of performing regular VIOS backups.

IBM Flash Announcement

IBM has introduced the FlashSystem 5015, 5035 & 5200.

IBM Flashwatch Guarantee

The Car Buyers Guide to Buying Storage.

IBM i SWMA Increase

Our view on the latest price increases.

IBM Firmware

Firmware Updates and Alerts

Where do you start with Firmware updates and alerts?

IBM i 7.1 Extension?

Why IBM has decided to extend support for IBM i 7.1 and what this will mean for your business.

IBM FS7200 Q4 Promo

How the latest IBM Flashsystem 7200 Q4 promotion can deliver the lowest cost per TB for Tier 0 Flash.

IBM i 7.3 & 7.4 Technology Refresh

IBM will release IBM i 7.3 technical release 9 and IBM i 7.4 technical release 3 this year.

Cloud is not a destination Webinar

IBM has created a webinar discussing the Cloud journey as part of their brunch and learn series.

The new normal

Practical steps you and your organisation can take to prepare your environment for the new normal.

Click here for pricing?

Ever wondered what the entry level storage offering from IBM may cost? Well, pricing is now available online. It doesn’t cover everything, you need to search a little but here’s how to do it.

IBM i Roadmap

IBM i 7.2 Support To End In 2021

IBM will be withdrawing technical support for IBM i 7.2 from the 30th of April 2021. Read how this impacts you and learn about the benefits of upgrading to IBM i 7.4.

Falconstore Virtual Tape Library

FalconStor VTL. The best VTL for IBM i?

There are a number of vendors in the IBM i marketplace offering VTL solutions but, as a company, we have been particularly impressed with the VTL product by Falconstor. Read the article to find out why.

IBM Storage Insights (SI) - What exactly is it?

IBM Storage Insights provides an unparalleled level of visibility across your storage environment to help you manage complex storage infrastructures and make cost-saving decisions.

Why Home Bargains has invested in IBM POWER

To support future growth plans Home Bargains is deploying over 475 IBM® Power® Systems S914 servers to support retail operations in every store, with help from IBM Business Partner Chilli IT.

IBM POWER 7+ end of support date announced.

IBM has announced the removal of hardware support for IBM POWER 7+ systems at the end of 2020. These are the ‘D’ model systems – those systems with a model number ending ‘D’, for example E4D, E6D, MMD. 

How you can perform cloud backups with BRMS on IBM i.

Mark Waterhouse, Technical Consultant at Chilli IT has recently been testing IBM i backups to the cloud using BRMS with great success. In this article he shares what he has learnt so far and the pre-requisites needed to do it yourself.

Hardware and software replication IBM i

Hardware & Software Replication for IBM i - The definitive guide

In this article, we will answer the most common questions people have when it comes to hardware and software replication and detail the benefits and limitations of each approach.

IBM i Strategy, IBM i 7.4 Announcement & IBM i Roadmap

Watch the video and see IBM POWER CTO David Spurway talk about the latest version of IBM i and the new roadmap that now extends out to at least 2031.

Is A Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution Enough?

Are you providing the right level of availability to your business? In the article below we will help you assess whether a disaster recovery solution provides the right level of protection for your organization.

What is IBM Flashcopy and how does it work?

In this article, our technical consultant, Ed Yeates provides you with an overview of what IBM Flashcopy is, how it works and the practical use cases of IBM Flashcopy.