IBM Storwize Gen 3 Announcement, Features and Price

IBM has released the new IBM Storwize Gen 3 V7000. The latest version of the popular Storwize V7000 is a step up from older versions with IBM stating that it can handle up to 2.7 x greater throughput and has the additional benefit of more capacity than the Gen 2.

The core benefits of any of the V7000 releases are the IBM Virtualize features available. Chilli IT are early advocates of the IBM Virtualize software and have built and implemented many storage solutions for customers that benefit from IBM Compression, Hyperswap, Flashcopy and Easy Tier.  Below we will give you a high-level overview of the key features available with a new IBM Storwize Gen 3 V7000.

IBM Flashcopy Backups

IBM FlashCopy can give you an immediate point-in-time copy of your production data. Performing backups in this way means you can then back up your data to tape offline without impacting your live system. IBM Flashcopy also allows you to create copies of your data to be used by developers and for performance testing. All that is required is some external storage.

IBM Real-time Compression

Using compression allows you to reuse free disk space within your existing storage environment without having to delete or archive your data. IBM compression typically allows you to compress between 50 and 70% of your data depending on your current infrastructure set up. In a recent article IBM states that compression “enables up to five times as much data to be stored in the same physical disk space”. All of which results in a significantly more efficient storage environment for your business.

IBM EasyTier

IBM EasyTier is ideal for IBM storage users that have a mixture of HDDs and high performing SSDs or Flash drives. IBM EasyTier intelligently and automatically assigns highly active data on volumes to faster-responding storage such as SSDs or Flash drives dramatically improving storage efficiency.

IBM Hyperswap

IBM HyperSwap provides your business with a highly resilient high availability solution. HyperSwap volumes have a copy at one site and a copy at another site. Data that is written to the volume is automatically sent to both copies. If one site is no longer available, the other site can provide access to the volume. Below is an illustrative diagram depicting how IBM HyperSwap would work in practice.

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