IBM shows support of IBM i through to 2031 with latest roadmap.

Thousands of organizations around the world depend on IBM i as a resilient platform for their business-critical applications and workloads. IBM continually invests in the IBM i operating system and has released IBM i 7.4, the latest new release. Few, if any, operating systems have a published support roadmap stretching for 11 years into the future. The current publicly available IBM i support roadmap shows release support for IBM i until 2031. Significantly, this is a huge commitment from IBM and a major boost to the IBM i OS.

Published Support Roadmap

IBM i Roadmap

What is new in IBM i 7.4?

We recently visited David Spurway, IBM POWER Chief Technology Officer who discussed the latest features available in IBM i 7.4. David also mentioned that DB2 mirror for IBM i is a great feature within IBM i 7.4. IBM Db2 Mirror for i is a continuous availability solution which offers the ability to keep database files synchronized between two nodes and can provide a recovery time objective close to zero.

IBM i Architecture

The adaptability of IBM i is guaranteed by an architecture that chiefly provides dependability, security, flexibility and integration, all of which lead to a significant total cost of ownership advantage. The pillars of this architecture make IBM i unique in the industry. They include:

1. Db2 for i and single level storage

2. Security and integrity

3. Open source runtime and integration of technology

4. Multi-workload virtualization

5. Investment protection

It is important to realize that each of the pillars in the image above provides a clear differentiator from other operating systems and together create the unique foundation for continuing innovation that exists today in IBM i 7.4.

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