Procare is a points based technical support contract from Chilli IT. Our solution uses over 60 monitors, identifying and alerting you to any issues associated with your systems operation and integrity. Procare points can then be converted into call time with our technical support team, who can provide advice and immediate support.

Are you without cover for IBM i?

Procare is ideal for organisations that require technical support for their IBM infrastructure, freeing up time and resources to implement IT initiatives that drive business growth. In addition,  Procare is an affordable way of gaining access to specialised skills for those organisations require additional operational support for their IBM infrastructure.

What makes Chilli IT different?

Chilli IT remain dedicated to the IBM platform and continually invest in the latest technologies and develop skills needed to support your infrastructure at a time when many organisations are scaling down their investment in the platform.

We also understand that every IT infrastructure is different and each end user has specific requirements that have to be met. To help you achieve your aim,  Chilli IT can create bespoke alerts for you and your business to help you monitor specific elements of your IT infrastructure that you feel are important.




Procare gives simplicity. It represents one contract, one signature and a consolidated price. It offers great value for money and is easy to understand and maintain.

To learn more about our Procare service download our brochure below.



Helping you make the right choice

Chilli IT provide infrastructure solutions and professional services to a wide range of corporate and SME companies. Our customers rely on us to deliver mission critical projects where their business goals are met by the services we provide. Chilli IT has extensive experience in IBM POWER systems, IBM i, AIX, Linux and Intel integration and have helped configure, implement, manage and support some of the most complex installations in Europe.

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